Practice Areas
Criminal Law
Academic Research and Teaching of Criminal Law, with a focus on "White Collar Crime"

Professional Activities
A professor of criminal procedural law at the University of Como (MI), Francesca commenced her career as a magistrate, dealing with construction and planning law, workplace injuries and also civil matters. Following a decision to focus on an academic career, she taught at the University of Trento while continuing to act as a legal advisor in the private sector. She was appointed a professorship at the University of Como in 1998 and simultaneously set up in private practice, dealing mainly with alleged forgeries and ‘white collar’ crime. Francesca has substantial experience in the field of criminal law, particularly in the criminal law aspects of patents and trademark infringement, bankruptcy and administrative law. She also has experience in advising on corporate criminal law issues and in corporate liability matters.

Francesca’s professional experience includes:

  • teaching criminal procedural law, mediation (in criminal matters) and comparative criminal law at the University of Como. She is also a teacher with the Specialisation School for Lawyers in Milan and teaches a course for trainee lawyers at the  Sole24Ore Business School
  • author of over 50 articles in some of the most important criminal law journals. Her published articles include: La giurisdizione di garanzia nelle indagini preliminari, Milan (1996), "Divieti probatori e inutilizzabilità nella disciplina delle intercettazioni telefoniche", Milan (2001), "Argomentazione e processo", "Raccolta di temi ed atti in diritto processuale penale: soluzioni ragionate", Milan (2004), "Omicidio, Questioni processuali", Milan (2007)
  • working as Secretary of the Centre of European Criminal Law (, Como, which organises annual meetings in collaboration with OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office
  • editing sections of Panorama Internazionale and Giustizia penale minorile (‘Juvenile Criminal Justice’) for the journal Cassazione Penale

Magistrate (1986 – 1993)
Researcher (1993 – 1998)
Professor (1998 – present: Associate, now full)
Italian Avvocato (admitted in 1998)
Italian Avvocato of the Court of Cassation (admitted in 2008)

University of Milan (110 cum laude)

Italian, German, English, French