"Superb relationships with multinational brands"

The Trademark Review, 2018

In combatting software and video piracy and trade in counterfeit goods, Trevisan & Cuonzo works closely and effectively with customs bodies, fully exploiting the efficient and cost-effective Italian criminal law procedure, while pursuing civil actions against counterfeiters in order to recover damages.

Criminal courts in Italy have specialised anti-piracy pools which work in close conjunction with IP specialists within the Italian police force to co-ordinate raids on the premises of suspected counterfeiters. The firm has access to a number of reliable investigation services which can be essential in locating the main sources of counterfeit production and can assist in preventing the unnecessary spread of proceedings.

In addition, the firm’s lawyers have substantial experience in customs monitoring, and support a range of prominent and long-term clients in this aspect of their business. Frequently handling applications with the Central Customs Authority in Rome, Trevisan & Cuonzo regularly assists clients in blocking the importation of counterfeit goods and illegal parallel imports into Italy.

Through maintaining regular and strong interactions with the main customs offices, the firm has successfully intercepted and seized large quantities of goods infringing patents, trade marks, copyrights and designs both entering and leaving Italy.

 Key representations include:
  • A world-leading car component manufacturer
  • A Luxembourg company leader in the manufacturing of fibers and polymers with regard to the textile and clothing field
  • A multi-national vacuum cleaner manufacturer
  • A leading internationally well-known pharmaceutical firm
  • Leading internationally well-known electronics companies
  • A Greek- based manufacturer of cigarettes and other tobacco- related products