"The firm is highly professional and its knowledge and understanding of trademark law is excellent"World Trademark Review, 2015"Trevisan & Cuonzo is among the most preeminent IP law firms in Italy"Managing Intellectual Property, Handbook 2013

Trevisan & Cuonzo has specialized IP and Trade mark agents to assist clients in creating an effective brand protection strategy by providing strategic and operative advice on the procurement and protection of Intellectual Property rights.

The firm advises on choice of trade marks and designs for national and international use and carries out trade mark and design searches, applications, registrations and renewals. It files applications, oppositions and defences before the European Community Trademark Office in Alicante, Spain.

Searching and clearance reports for trade marks and design:
The practice carries out national and international trade mark and European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) clearance programs as well as design clearance searches providing full legal opinions on the availability and registrability of the client's trade mark and design prior to filing. Searches extend beyond trade mark registers, to business names, company registers and domain name authorities.

Applications, registrations and maintenance of national and international trade marks and design:
Prior to registering any application, Trevisan & Cuonzo evaluates the particular needs to determine the most cost-effective strategy of protecting IP rights. The firm works with the best worldwide trademark and design professionals to ensure that clients are registered in all markets strategic to business interests. Regularly updated digital docketing systems are used to ensure full tracking of the portfolio and to provide the client with timely notification of any renewal deadlines. The firm assists with renewals, revisions, transfers and licensing including the drafting of necessary documentation, as well as the overall management of the IP portfolio. It also advises  on corporate trade mark strategies with particular emphasis on issues relevant to the new economy.

Enforcement advice:
Trevisan & Cuonzo offers watching services to ensure that the client learns immediately of potential conflicts and that any necessary action is taken promptly to stop infringement, such as filing opposition proceedings where available, or advice on the merits of commencing cancellation or infringement actions. When used effectively, these measures not only put an immediate stop to infringement, but also function as a deterrent to the unlawful use of trademarks both in a civil and criminal context.

Domain name advice:
Domain names play a dominant role in today's business environment. The firm advises on the clearance and registration of domain names as well as in relation to domain name conflicts, including domain name dispute resolution procedures. The legal consultants are at the cutting edge of new developments in IP law with respect to business and keep up to date with arbitration procedures for national and top level domain names.

Customs monitoring:
Specialists assist in creating long-term monitoring programs to prevent the importation of counterfeit goods into Italy, while litigators enforce and defend trade mark actions before the Italian courts.

In seeking to enforce trade mark rights in court, Trevisan & Cuonzo takes full advantage of the wide range of civil and criminal law remedies available in Italy, such as search and seizure orders and interim and permanent injunctions. When used effectively, these remedies not only put an immediate stop to infringement, but also function as a deterrent to the unlawful use of trade marks in both a civil and criminal law context.